Records Management Made Easy

Business processes and records management are moving targets. Some estimates state that 95% of all records are created electronically. We can no longer wait to apply retention policies after a record becomes inactive. With electronic records, if the rules are not established at the beginning of the process, the records may very well disappear before they can be appraised for retention.

Business and governance processes can be used to examine the records’ requirements and timelines, minimizing extra steps and mitigating risk.

Tenthline analyzes your business requirements to create a governance methodology and policy that best suits your organizational needs using Alfresco Governance Services (AGS).

Records Management Solution built on Alfresco’s Platform business

Management & Lifecycle of Records

Records management has become an essential part of any enterprise content management strategy. Organizations need a system for managing all the documents and data they generate. Otherwise, the volume of records will become unmanageable.

A solution built on the powerful Alfresco platform can help organizations achieve efficient and effective records management practices. Alfresco helps you maintain records throughout their lifecycle, with features like strong ERM capabilities, customizable workflows, and fine-grained access controls.

Whether you need to automate processes, improve governance compliance, or simply organize and locate your records more efficiently, Alfresco’s Records Management solution is the perfect choice for your organization’s needs. So why wait? Choose Alfresco today and start enjoying the benefits of truly effective records management.


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