Ephesoft Enterprise Solutions

Ephesoft is a software company that specializes in document management and data capture solutions. This software can automate document scanning, OCR, data entry, and document organization for businesses of all sizes.

Ephesoft’s products are built on top of open-source technologies, which allows them to be easily integrated into existing business systems. Ephesoft is helping businesses move from paper-based processes to more efficient digital workflows.

Ephesoft’s products are used by businesses in a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance to manufacturing.

Ephesoft Gold Partner
Tenthline is one of the longest standing and most trusted Ephesoft Enterprise Solution providers. Tenthline has been helping organizations in the United States and Canada with document capture, metadata enhancement and workflow automation for over a decade.

Why Ephesoft?

Ephesoft’s document capture solution is based on open-source technologies and is only available through a global partner network. Ephesoft’s Intelligent Document Processing accelerates content and metadata extraction from digital and physical documents with the power of AI.

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Ephesoft Enterprise Solutions

Ephesoft solutions help businesses automate the classification, separation, sorting, and extraction of data from paper, fax, and electronic documents. This helps businesses run more efficiently and respond to changes in a timely, low-cost manner.

Intelligent Data Capture

Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture

Data Analytics

Ephesoft Data Analytics


Features of Ephesoft

  • 100% web-based
  • Open source
  • Tracks documents before and after scanning
  • Based on Google OCR Engine, RedHat jBPM, Spring DM, GWT and Equinox (OSGi)
  • Fully bespoke user interface such as Document Review and Validation for classing and Extraction exceptions
  • Email, fax and hi-speed scanner integration such as IBML and Opex
  • Automatic sorting and separation technology
  • Runs on Windows Linux, FreeBSD and MacOSX server
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Benefits of Ephesoft

  • Track documents when they arrive, not when they are first scanned
  • Increase the visibility of the physical document flow
  • Scan or import documents virtually from any source, including fax and e-mail;
  • Reduces data entry time and keeps operators focused on the exceptions;
  • Reduces overall document load time and exceeds SLAs;
  • Process documents in existing archive such as FileNet, Documentum, SharePoint or Alfresco.
  • Utilize any existing hardware (Fujitsu, Kodak, Opex)
  • Automatic Sorting (grouping and Separation)
  • Learning engine to train and classify all types of documents