CMS Critic has become the go-to place for organizations looking for a new content management system. Their secret: reviewing the actual software and stating clearly what they like – and what they dislike. Good thing that they like Magnolia. So much in fact, that Magnolia has received their highest rating ever.
Source : CMS Critic


Developer Magnolia International Ltd
Language Java
Categories CMS, CMF, ECM
Filters Commercial, On-Premise, Open Source
License GPL, MNA,
Version 5.2.2 2014-Feb-7

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CMS Critic
Overall (4.3/5)
Ease of setup (3.5/5)
Ease of use (4.5/5)
Extensibility (4.5/5)
Features (4.5/5)
Help and support (4.5/5)
Value (4.5/5)

About Magnolia CMS
Magnolia CMS is an Open Source, Enterprise Content Management System, based on best-of-breed Java technology and open standards. Magnolia CMS’ mobile inspired user interface and customizable app framework has revolutionized the world of content management.